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Have You Heard About Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

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Are you about to fly to Vietnam and it’s the visa issues that are bothering you? 
Well, of course the usual route to getting Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy outlets is no doubt cumbersome- eating up much of your time and energy. But don’t sweat; the acceleration of online communication has made it possible today to receive Vietnam visa approval at your home only. The leading online Vietnam visa companies have introduced Vietnam visa on arrival service that allows easy Vietnam visa application and approval through the virtual network. Looking forward to know more about the Vietnam visa on Arrival service? Well, here runs the brief.

It’s an all-online process
Vietnam visa on arrival is an all-online procedure for Vietnam visa for foreign nationals traveling to Vietnam. In this case, the entire procedure- right from visa application to payment submission to receipt of visa approval letter- everything is carried online. The visa stamp will be handed to you once you reach the Vietnam international airport.  It’s a legitimate affair and is fully accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department. However, it’s to note here that Vietnam visa on Arrival is strictly meant for travelers to Vietnam by air and is applicable for both corporate and travel visas. Those who are traveling by any other means to Vietnam will have to abide by the traditional visa processing routine.

How does it work?

The Vietnam visa on Arrival facility works in 3 steps.

Step 1
You would have to locate an online Vietnam visa company offering Vietnam visa on Arrival service. As you go there, apply through the online visa application form. The form would ask about your personal, passport and travel details. You would need to supply your email id there as all the further communications would be carried on email.

Step 2
After you fill up the online visa application form, it’s time to submit the payment online. The virtual Vietnam visa companies allow multiple modes of online payment, including debit card, credit card, Western Union and PayPal.

Step 3
If everything you submitted is okay, the Vietnam visa company will start processing your Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter. You won’t need to visit the Vietnam Embassy office personally here as the company will have its own staffs to get the formalities done for you. It takes 24 to 48 hours maximum within which you will have your Vietnam visa on Arrival approval letter e-mailed to your id.

After you receive the approval online
After you receive the approval letter online, simply take a print out of that letter. You would need to carry it with you in your Vietnam flight and present it to Immigration officials at the Vietnam airport. Go to Immigration check-in zone with the approval letter and 2 passport size photos. The officers there would check out all the documents thoroughly and if satisfied would stamp on your Vietnam visa.
Vietnam visa on Arrival is the most convenient route to attain Vietnam visa today.

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All citizens of Hong Kong need a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong in order to enter Vietnam by two ways: Direct at the Vietnam embassy in China or Apply visa on arrival