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Getting Vietnam visa on arrival on Saturday and Sunday For Hongkong Citizens and from Hongkong(China )

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Actually, many visitors do not prepare for Vietnam visa until they have only 1 or 2 days left. And when they just remember they have to apply for entry visa, it is too late. Because they applied on Saturday and Sunday or holidays which are regulated as non-working days in Vietnam For Hongkong Citizens and from Hongkong (China ).

However, we‘ve ALREADY support you and will make visa for you on these days. You can get Approval Letter without facing any problem For Hongkong Citizens and from Hongkong.

To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, please visit Vietnam Visa Application Form then fill required information and Contact with us after you apply.

The fee visa for making on Saturday and Sunday is US$ 100.

Please forward all the information of your flight to us or provide us with the important information as following: The address of city and the country where you will fly, the departure time and arrival time of the flight. We will check the timezone at the place you are going to fly and make comparison with Vietnam Timezone.

After receiving your confirmation, we will send your application to The Vietnam Immigration Department then waiting for their processing your visa. Whenever there is any notification from them, we will reply to you.

Things you should prepare:

Show your Printed Approval Letter to the Airlines when you get on board.
You need prepare 2 latest passport- size photos (in color, 4*6cm size, with a face straight forward).
The Form on Arrival (printed in two forms, glued your photos and filled information) is submitted at the Vietnam Airport. Download Vietnam visa form on arrival.
Check all the information in the visa approval letter is correct.
The stamping fee.

If you have any arisen trouble or inquiry to your visa or others before or after coming to Vietnam, please contact us to help you as soon as possible. Welcome all your sharing troubles as well as your concerns to our support team 24/7.

Get Vietnam Visa For Hongkong Citizens and from Hongkong. Applying Visa To Vietnam Online Now! Then Get Visa At Airport.

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All citizens of Hong Kong need a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong in order to enter Vietnam by two ways: Direct at the Vietnam embassy in China or Apply visa on arrival